The Time Machine


Customer/Partner: Experimentarium
Target group: Family / kids 6-12
Platform: Windows w. Kinect
Type: Serious game
Technology platform: Unity3D
Status: Delivered, expected opening May 2013
IP: No IP, proprietary concept

This project is made for the Copenhagen based museum, Experimentarium, and is part of a special exhibition about innovation.

“The Time Machine” sets the users on a quest to construct a vacuum cleaner. The users will need to decide in which order to invent three different technologies needed for the vacuum cleaner.

The game starts in 1910 and ends in 1980 – from the storyline the users must deduct in which order it would be most prudent to invent the technologies. This way the user is taught to understand the interconnectivity of technological innovations.

The game consists of three mini games and a series of movies telling the story and giving feedback to the player’s choice.

As the project uses Kinect as an interface the users will use themselves as controllers when they play the game.