Roskilde City Hall – Inside


Customer/Partner: Municipality of Roskilde
Target group: Architects, Office planners
Platform: Standalone exe file
Type: Solution
Technology platform: Unity3D
Status: Delivered

Alongside the building of the new City Hall of Roskilde, Apex were hired to make a virtual version of the coming inside of the building, thus allowing architects, staff and office planners to plan the layout of the various departments up front.

Apex designed a tool where it were possible for the office planner to drag their chosen office furniture into different positions to layout the office scape and alter the camera hight according to the line of sight of people of various hight.

As the colour and type of carpets were undecided we made the option to swap between the different candidates to see how it affected the feeling of being in the room. Furthermore we made camera functionality to save images and to make save-files of each officescape layout.