Customer/Partner: Guppyworks
Target group: Tween girls 8-14
Platform: Web/browser
Type: Social MMO
Technology platform: Unity3D and Photon
Status: live
IP: GuppyLife

In November 2011 Apex became a co-owner and took over the production and future development of GuppyLife.

GuppyLife is an online social game where girls can meet up with other girls and play with their Guppy, which is an pet they have to take good care of.

GuppyLife is built around GuppyIsland which contains areas where the girls can hang out, complete tasks, play mini games – alone, with their Guppy or with each other. They can also shop cool clothes for themselves and their Guppy or items for their personal apartments.

In GuppyLife one of the most important things is to take care of the Guppy and make sure it’s happy and satisfied. If not, the Guppy will become dirty and sad. The more the Guppy is taken care of, the more it will play, learn and develop with the user and the game.

GuppyLife is running on an online platform and is released in Denmark, Sweden and Norway we are in the process of releasing an English version.