Danfoss Virtual House


Customer/Partner: Danfoss, Heating Division
Target group: Potential Danfoss Customers
Platform: Web browser
Type: Solution
Technology platform: Unity 3D & Flash
Status: Live
Link: http://c7066357.r57.cf2.rackcdn.com/House/danfosshouse.html?refreshed=1#/BurnerComponent/1

Danfoss Heating Division asked us to help them communicate their Heating products to their end users.
Often Danfoss found it difficult to communicate the invisible aspects of their solutions to end users and non-technical people.

With Danfoss House we take the end users down into the ground, under the floorboards and into walls and show them how each product works, in an easy and understandable way. We show how air moves and we go inside of the different technical devices to show to people things that could never be shown outside of an animated environment.

The movies are created inside of our game technology, and Danfoss Heating Division chose to show it to their customers using Flash.

Behind the scenes we have an extensive google analytics setup to monitor the interest in each product divided into each single country Virtual House has been released to.