Danfoss Virtual City


Customer/Partner: Danfoss, Heating Division
Target group: Import Partners & Installers
Platform: Web browser
Type: Solution
Technology platform: Flash
Status: Live
Link: Danfoss Heating

Apex created an iconic and simplistic looking 3D city to meet Danfoss’ design wishes. Inside the city we placed key buildings suiting the story Danfoss wished to communicate.

Danfoss Heating City is made in Flash and is addressing the need of making a slim and download friendly solution to the problem of having to play each sequence both backwards and forwards – therefore we did not make the traditional rendered movies – but instead we are playing a sequence of images so that we could save space and machine power.

Behind the scenes we have a thorough google analytics set-up to monitor the interest in each product divided into each single country the virtual city has been released to. Virtual City are translated into numerous languages with different kind of signs and reading directions.

The ambition behind the creation of Virtual City were to create awareness about Danfoss’ product range amongst installers and professionals on the different markets to create a pull from the installers at the same time Danfoss created a push on their importers, to have more of their products enter the different markets.